All original Apple Earpods comes with a great packaging like shown in the image below. Some copied Earphone also comes in a packaging like this but they are much lighter than the original ones. If you weigh fake Earpod in one hand and the original Apple Earpod on the other hand, you will know the difference. The original Apple Earpod are heavier than the fake one.


Click of a button

Fake Apple earphones can also be figured out by the click of its remote button. They are much harder while pressing and the click sound can be heard from some meters away while the button present on Apple’s original Earpods are softer and the button click is very light.

Check out small trademark written “Designed by Apple in California” on wire

If you closely look on Apple original Earpods wire, you will notice “Designed by Apple in California” trademark written in very small letters. You will need an eagle’s eye to see it. But the fake Apple Earpods do not have this trademark.

Check the bass hole

The bass hole on Apple’s Earpod are created for a very good reason. It is not there for a design purpose only. They are there to create a deep bass while listening to songs by letting air flow in and out. Check out why there are holes in Apple’sEarpod here.

But the bass hole on fake Apple Earpod are empty and are just for dress up purpose to make it look like the original one.